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WWP Episode 88 - Sometimes You Just Want a Shitty Beer

WWP Episode 87 - Jingle-Jangle in My Pants (Backlash Recap)

Craig and Fred are back to discuss all the latest in the WWE Universe. They talk about Seth Rollins' recent hot streak, the sudden Nia Jax vs. Ronda Rousey program, how Ronda should be built up to Women's Champion, difficulty getting through 5-7 hours of WWE programming a week, comparing Raw and SmackDown to craft beer and shitty beer, some Money In The Bank qualifying matches, early MITB predictions, Asuka vs. Carmella, and more. Fred also plants some doubt about bringing his girlfriend Maria to Craig's Memorial Day party, which leads Craig to give Fred an ultimatum about Fred's mysterious girlfriend. #WWE #MITB #WWEMITB

The Wretched Duo is back at it again to recap and discuss WWE Backlash 2018. They discuss the highly regarded Miz vs. Seth Rollins IC Title match, the disappointing and lackluster remainder of the card, the completely useless No Way Jose/Elias/New Day/Rusev Day segment, and more. They also discuss a bit of Raw and SmackDown Live from this week including the entertaining Money In The Bank qualifying matches putting Rusev, The Miz, Braun Strowman and Finn Balor in the fold, potential build for the inevitable Daniel Bryan/Miz program, editing crowds reactions for Roman Reigns and much more! Fred also takes up Craig's advise in recording himself throughout the week to gauge his questionable phrasing. Want to know what he said? You'll just have to tune in!