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WWP Episode 90 - Sweet Slumber

WWP Episode 89 - Cumcakes For Your Sisters

The Wretched Boys return after a 1 week hiatus to discuss all the latest in the world of the WWE. They discuss in length the Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey feud in which "the E" can't seem to decide whether Nia is a heel or face. They also discuss the evolving feud between Sami Zayn and Bobby Lashley and how their attempts at getting Lashley over have been backfiring. Also discussed is the B-Team becoming the #1 Contenders for the Raw Tag Titles and the lack of quality teams on Raw in general. They also discuss Drew McIntyre's rise on the main roster with Dolph Ziggler but lament the missteps of having them eliminated first in the battle royal. Baron Corbin being named the "constable" of Raw is another head-scratcher that's discussed in length, in addition to the WWE referees making 2 blunders and having 2 women "injury" angles on the same show (who writes this crap?). They also discuss Samoa Joe's insertion into the Money in the Bank ladder match and early picks on who the potential winner will be now that the entire deck is stacked. Finally, Craig and Fred also discuss Big Cass's lackluster return in the ring and on the mic and trying to find a way to make him relevant again. Craig finally met Maria (Fred's gf), but he has resevations about the woman who was escorted to Craig's BBQ for Memorial Day. Will it pay off? There's only one way to find out and listen!

The Wretched Boys return once again to discuss all the latest in the WWE Universe as we approach WWE Money in the Bank 2018. Craig and Fred break down the horrible "sisters" of Bobby Lashley/Sami Zayn segment on Raw, the Jeff Hardy vs. Daniel Bryan SmackDown main event, the return of Stephanie McMahon, the strange Nia Jax & Ronda Rousey program, the news that SmackDown live is going to Fox and back to Friday Nights, the charges against Enzo Amore being dropped, the early success of the "B Team" and how far this will go, Rusev Day, and much more! Fred also has some problems with Maria attending Craig's Memorial Day party but resolves it in smooth fashion. We also have a new bad-ass show intro. Tune in!